Black Gay Pride 2004

Ebony Ball

The making of a legend...

1st night of the black gay pride weekend and I'm too drunk to take pictures

Angry dykes

Peidmont park

Da' fam

Ebony Ball: The Making of a Legend

Mother Christian Balenciaga

Some vogue category

Butch Realness

Esco Prodigy from LA

1Balenci, 2 Balenci, Balenciaga Grand Prize!

Lisa Raye & Lopez Balenciaga

Mother Jamie Balenciaga from NJ

Lisa Raye walks the runway...

...she joins the judges panel.

Grand Prize category: Femme Queens w/production

The whole room got up for this one

Raquel Lorde....Mother of the House of Balenciaga

Where did she go?

It's a wrap

Lisa gives her tens

Mother Raquel Balenciaga Grand Prize

Look @ dat azzzz, mmmm