Budah Balenciaga's Vacation

AUG 22-29, 2004

Carnival Cruise Memories

Departure: Tampa, FL

First day @ sea

Captain's dinner

Arrival: Grand Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Islands: Hell

It is called hell for this rock formation

Grand Cayman Islands: Turtle farm

Departure: Grand Cayman Islands

Arrival: Costa Maya, Mexico

Arrival: Belize (river boat tour 2 Mayan ruins)

Chicken from Belize=Iguana

I don't remember what river this

Hanging bird nests

Kids playing in alligater-infested water

There are monkeys in the trees, but my camera battery died so no good shots

Ken was our tour guide of the Mayan ruins

Temple of death

View from the top

Ken resting on the alter

Long way down

We found a tarantula

Baby alligator

Baby armadillo

Dinner time

Arrival: Cozmel, Mexico

Scuba diving

Senor Frogs!

Good food

Rubber Dyck on da brain

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor

Lesbian/Gay-cruisers from Tx, Cali, etc. (wish I was on their ship)