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The Executive Director of TILTT, Inc. responds to an article in Creative Loafing.
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Posted by transjusticefighter on 02/07/2014 at 9:56 AM

It is interesting that the issue that has kicked off this entire debate, the MPSA-generated intention of Chief Turner to initiate a “Banishment Amendment” to the “Solicitation for Illicit Purposes” ordinance, was not addressed ONCE.

The window-dressing called the “Working Group for Reducing Prostitution” has ceased the pretense of “meeting to find solutions” (basically I think their purpose was to find a way to make banishment more palatable to the community that protested its first attempt at passage in City Council, in the first place).

You, Mr. Sterling, have done a wonderful job explaining how great the chances are that Mayor Reed, Chief Turner, et al are providing ‘repeat offenders’ (how many of these second chance hires are [former] sex workers, the “problem” that the banishment amendment is suppose to address)? Oh, and it’s great the chances these leaders are giving our youth…they’re our future. BUT that still doesn’t speak to the prostitution issue the banishment was to address.

So where are you all’s answer to reduce that “crime”, besides subscribing to the desires of Peggy Denby and her MPSA, who promote and produce slanderous scare stories regarding transgender individuals in Midtown, which they also send to be pushed to the public through the Cascade Patch internet “news”? Their harassment and facilitation of the arrests of transgender women of color in Midtown (often times with no cause except their profiling actions; of course these women have no influence to provide them voice in court) are legendary in the Atlanta transgender community. And of course you’re well aware that we don’t have the resources to provide you “data” (that’s where you can be fairly sure you all are relatively safe from ‘discovery’ of your actions with regard to this population); we just know what we know about how these individuals are “swept up/locked up” in shameful numbers, and have been for years.

Bottom line, Mr. Sterling, as far as we’re concerned you’ve said a lot while saying nothing [that matters to us].

Cheryl Courtney-Evans
Exec. Director, TILTT, Inc.

Posted by transjusticefighter on 02/07/2014 at 10:08 AM

And by the way Mr. Sterling, we’d have to be naive to the point of babies to believe that the APD doesn’t have “quotas”…that’s just another unspoken way to speak of “performance reports”…

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